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As with any African travel you are advised to have anti tetanus treatment before leaving home. Malaria is prevalent in the area and it is strongly advised that you consult your doctor before leaving to obtain a prophylactic course for your whole holiday. Prevention is the best cure so we highly recommend that you wear long sleeved shirts and long pants for the evenings when the mosquitoes are most active. There are anti mosquito sprays and creams for your skin and clothes. A good solid pair of walking shoes is recommended, together with comfortable socks. Running shoes are acceptable, but please keep the colours as neutral as possible. Clothing should be earth colours, with nothing in white or bright, light colours. When tracking animals it is essential to be as inconspicuous as possible. A good pair of binoculars, not only for game viewing but also for the birdlife, is highly recommended. Having one pair per person would be ideal as in some cases the sightings do not last long so swopping binoculars can lead to disappointment. Warm clothing is advised during the winter months (June to September) as it can get very cold in the evening and at night. Early morning viewing in the Land Rover can be cold, wind cheaters over a polar jacket work well. Scarves, beanies and gloves make for very comfortable viewing. Basic first aid kit (plasters, antiseptic, burn ointment, insect repellent, etc) is advised. The Camp does have a first aid kit for use in medical emergencies. Sunscreen is highly recommended. A good hat, as in certain times of the year the sun is very strong. Cameras/Video with spare batteries, Camp Hwange does have recharging facilities (240v) in each chalet, but an extra battery is always an advantage, as there is so much to photograph and record. Remembering that patience is the key in the bush, and it is better to take many and edit then to have missed because your battery went flat. A good solid torch is also recommended.


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