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The camp fire

This is the heart of safari life and one of the features of Camp Hwange. Gather around the camp fire watching the early morning sunrise, sipping cups of tea or coffee, being warmed by the heat of the dancing flames as you listen to the multitude of bird calls, enthralled by the gradual hues of the skies changing colours as the bush slowly wakes to greet a new day with all its possibilities. Evenings around the fire side are a chance to share with others the sightings, experiences and some of the many emotions that have filled you with perhaps wonder, awe and gratitude, the realization of ‘being in the real Africa’, away from ‘the world’, the soul peace it brings to you as you take time out, savouring a sundowner in the true sense of the word, to then be treated to a delicious dinner. The latter part of the evening enjoying and participating in the tales from your guides and fellow travellers, as laughter and camaraderie complete the perfect day, or if you choose to sit silently and gaze at the vast expanse of the star filled African sky.


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