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Game drive, walking safari

Camp Hwange reverts back to the concept the original safari, where activities centred on being immersed in the wild, walking being the main activity. During walks with well trained and experienced guides you will track and follow some of the most feared animals of Africa, secure in the knowledge that your guides and trackers are competent in all aspects of this exciting adventure. Not only will you get the chance to see the well known dangerous animals, sightings and the habits of the smaller, lesser known species and aspects of the African bush will be explained you, giving you an insight into the mysteries of how all things depend on each other. On day on safari : Just before the sun rises your day on safari begins. After a wakeup call everyone gathers at the camp fire to have a light breakfast before setting out on the morning’s activities. We usually leave Camp Hwange by Land Rover for a game drive to a designated area chosen earlier, where you will be briefed by your guide and then all set off on a safari walk. On completion of your walk, you will return to camp in the late morning, for a brunch, and a time of relaxation, where you can return to your rooms for a siesta, or sit and watch the activities at the waterhole. We do have a unique log pile hide in the shade near the waterhole which you guide will be happy to take you - so that you may have a close up view of all the visitors needing to drink and carry out their ablutions. Mid afternoon we will gather at the main area again to discuss the afternoon’s activity. The chosen excursion can mean that we will return to camp after dark. We have the concession from the National Parks to organise night drives which allows us to explore and view the nocturnal species that inhabit the area. Mid afternoon we will gather at the main area again to discuss the afternoon’s activity. Please note that there are no time restrictions to our activities, the walks/drives will be governed by what you see and not meal times. Hampers of delicious foodstuffs and refreshments will accompany every adventure into the bush, be it on foot or vehicle.

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